How To Earn Cryptocurrency Playing Games!

So you want to earn crypto?

Well did you know you can earn crypto by playing crypto games? Yeah, that’s right you can have fun, and earn crypto at the same time! It’s a great way to get started on your crypto journey.

So here are five ways to earn crypto playing crypto games:

CryptoKitties Crypto GameCrypto Kitties

Let’s start with CryptoKitties it’s probably the most popular crypto game you’ve heard of it went a little bit viral last year, and it’s still pretty popular. It’s a collectible, and breed-able digital cat game. These Crypto Kitties are all pretty unique, so let’s just see how you can make money playing CryptoKitties.

What is a CryptoKitty?

Well, it’s a game centered around breed-able collectible and adorable creatures. Each cat is a one of a kind now the thing is you can actually collect them, and breed them.

CryptoKitties Cryptocurrency GameNow let’s see how we breed a CryptoKitty… let’s just say you’ve purchased a couple of CryptoKitties, and now you want to breed them. You go ahead and click on the breed button, then you select a CryptoKitty. Next, since you’ll need a breeding pair, you’ll select a male CryptoKitty. Now we let them do their thing. Now your female CryptoKitty is pregnant, and your male CryptoKitty is resting. Now you have an egg to hatch, and you now have a brand new baby CryptoKitty!

You’ll then go into your CryptoKitty collection, and find that you’ve got some unique traits on this new kitty. Once you’ve bred some CryptoKitties you can go over to, and actually sell them. One sold for 600 ether which is pretty impressive considering ether is worth hundreds of dollars now. There’s obviously quite a range of kitties, and the more unique traits they have, the cuter they are, and the more they’ll sell for!

Chibi Fighters

A similar breeding game is called Chibi Fighters, but this one isn’t just collectible you can actually have some games and some cryptocurrency. Along the way, Chibi Fighters are fierce little warriors, and they have no mercy, and it’s all based on the tradable ERC 721 token. When you purchase a Chibi Fighter it’s yours forever, and similarly to CryptoKitties, you can sell your Chibi Fighters with their unique traits on OpenSeas. It’s not quite up there in the market of the CryptoKitties, but Chibi Fighters are a lot cheaper to purchase, and you can actually level them up as you go through the game. So if you want to get your own Chibi Fighter just go to the Chibi Fibers screen, and if you don’t want to actually pay any money you can get a free Chibi, and play the game at no cost which is great if you want to get started earning crypto, because you don’t need crypto to get in!

Chibi Fighters Crypto GameFeatures of Chibi Fighters

Now when you’ve got a Chibi Fighter, and he’s leveled up you can go, and play an adventure. Currently, my Chibi Fighter is in the middle of a scavenging adventure group, and he’ll come back with some treasures you can go, and buy some loot crate’s, and if you need more Ether Crystals well you can purchase them.

And there’s a couple of cool games in here as well, and these are our new coins which you can actually use to upgrade your characters so you play these simple little games, and click on the coins, and you’ll earn a few points along the way.

Put your Chibi’s into the adventures, and get them leveled up quickly because as you increase in levels you’ve got a greater chance of finding Ether Shards, all in all, it’s a pretty cool game. And I’m gonna just getting started with my Chibi Fiber!

Don’t forget to complete your daily tasks because you could earn some Ether Shards which is convertible to Ether, and you could also find some gems which you can add to the Crystal Cave, and that’s another way you can earn Ether.

Steem Monsters

Now here’s another crypto game that you can earn crypto while having some fun this one’s called Steem Monsters, and it’s based on the Steem blockchain. If you want to play the Steem Monsters game you need to purchase a starter pack which gives you enough cards to get started, and playing the game and earning rewards you can use a credit card or PayPal or even crypto if you have it, and there’s a lot of cards you can collect. Currently, my collection is pretty complete, and I’ve leveled up most of my monsters.

What we’re playing for here is a season the season lasts for 16 days, and while you’re playing you can actually earn rewards. I’m currently in the Diamond League, and depending on your rating you’ll move up in leagues, and you can earn more cards at the end of the season, and they also have daily quests where you can earn reward cards. To remember if you win the Steem monster cards you could either level up your teams or sell them in the marketplace. Of course, if you flip a gold version of the card they’re gonna be worth a lot more. Go ahead, and join up today! Its only ten dollars to join, and it is a lot of fun. You can get a long way in the game, with automated tournaments with crypto prizes are coming soon. Although there are player-run tournaments being held every day, and you can earn real Steem or even Steem backed dollars in each of the tournaments so that’s pretty cool.

While we’re on the steam blockchain here’s another way to earn some crypto playing crypto games. Lucksacks Poker League, free to play, and you can earn steam or steam back dollars just by playing the freeroll games. There have even been some $50 games too! It’s free to join free to play, and you can win crypto.

Gods Unchained

Now another game you can play is called Gods Unchained now this game still in development, but they are promoting a large tournament now. The game is an alternative to hearthstone. It’s based on the Ethereum Blockchain, and you can collect cards, and they’ll stay in your inventory forever. The only downside to Gods unchained is you need crypto to get started so you’ll need either to be able to purchase cards now I’ve got ahead, and purchase a few packs in another video so don’t forget to Like, and subscribe, but you cannot open common-rail epic, and legendary cards of various levels and the key be shiny which are worth a little bit more now.

Gods Unchained Cryptocurrency Game

They’re currently in beta testing for the game, but once that’s completed, and it’s launched the general public they’re having a Gods Unchained World Championship, and the tournament prize pool is currently sitting at $399,000 they want to reach a goal of 1.6 million so if you know how to play hearthstone well maybe Gods Unchained is a great way for you to earn crypto.

The War of Crypto

it’s another battling game you can collect your characters there could be common uncommon rare epic legendary or even special, and they have various strategic hero types, and a ton of different personalities then during gameplay you evolve them I feel this one’s a little bit like Pokemon, and the gameplays certainly looks like it’s very similar to that so you go ahead, and then you can battle them, and also evolve them up, and go ahead, and then sell them in the marketplace.

I’m also keeping a close eye on War of Crypto. It’s currently in the early access stage so there’s still a little bit of way to go, but you can go ahead, and start collecting today so there’s plenty of ways to earn crypto playing crypto games online, and even if you don’t have any crypto to get started you can use games like Steem Monsters that enable you to purchase in PayPal, and once you’ve played the game, and sold a few cards well you can convert that crypto to anything else you wish.

Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is successful with its breathtaking succession of updates, deals, and improvements over the previous week.

Blockchain Cuties Crypto Game 5

Are You a Blockchain Cutiener Yet?

Blockchain Cuties Crypto Game 3Fans of Blockchain Cuties passionately refer to each other as ‘cutieners’ and, if the video game hasn’t stolen your heart yet, do not fret, it will! If you haven’t heard of the game previously, it’s an interesting collectible crypto game where you can go on amazing experiences with adorable pups, felines, cubs, and lizards! Each cutie is an ERC-721 token, implying that you have full ownership and can collect, breed, upgrade and even fight your cuties to your heart’s content! So far, so charming, best? What makes this game so unique?

Well, ‘cutieners’ everywhere have actually been on a wild flight today! The Blockchain Cuties devs have actually unleashed an impressive number of tweaks and improvements. In reality, the devs have been so awesome that we were practically forced to award this video game the leading slot. Here are three reasons why Blockchain Cuties is a must-play game!

Blockchain Cuties Crypto Game 2

1. Lumi Collect was simply launched: Is there a more trendy way to store antiques?

Lumi revealed their main Lumi Collect IOS release on Product Hunt. Thousands of ‘cutieners’ sprang into action and up-voted Lumi’s post so much that it went dizzying! Lumi Collect is practically the most trendy crypto wallet we’ve ever seen for keeping collectibles and in-game crypto properties. ‘Cutieners’ everywhere can now save and manage their cuties in style. If you haven’t inspected it out yet, what are you awaiting?

2. Blockchain Cuties is having the cutest airdrop ever!

The 2nd reason that we awarded this video game pole position is its ongoing airdrop. It’s one of the prettiest airdrops we’ve ever seen and we praise the Blockchain Cuties team for producing special baby cuties particularly for this event. To obtain among these fab limited-edition cuties, all you need to do is follow a couple of easy steps noted here. Ensure you go into the free gift and let us understand how it goes in the comments area listed below!

3. The most recent update spot consists of brand-new items, characters, elements and more!

The 3rd reason Blockchain Cuties deserves our leading area this week is because of their heroic devs! We praise them for stoically fighting legions of bugs and refactors to take their game to another level. They announced their patch 1.33 upgrade on Thursday and it’s a thing of appeal! We’ve never ever seen a more thorough, expansive patch for any crypto video game ever!

Besides including more in-game filtering possibilities, the devs modified the matchmaking procedure to minimize the opportunities of weaker players being matched with stronger ones when they go into an adventure. To help newbies, they likewise added a brand-new friendly experience environment where gamers are matched with bots instead of battle-hardened veterans.

The famous Blockchain Cuties devs also included a number of new items consisting of a fedora hat, a butterfly knife and a set of black cinder armor. 10 limited edition mighty foxes called ‘Lord Ash’ are now up for grabs for 1ETH each!

Without a doubt, the most interesting element of the brand-new update was the intro of Elements: fire, air, earth, water, and energy. This brings a completely brand-new layer of mechanics to the video game, with resemblances to the traditional ‘rock, paper, scissors’ game. Look out for an upcoming article that will explain more about how these battle mechanics will work!

Blockchain Cuties Crypto Game 4

Blockchain Cuties Final Thoughts

We’ve been super-impressed by the Blockchain Cuties devs this week and have been blown away by the sheer quantity of epicness they’ve handled to release!

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