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13 Aug: Technological Advancements in Jewelry Making

The jewelry making design and manufacturing has quite changed with the use of technological advancements. Through a CAD or Computer-Aided Design Software and CAM or Computer-Aided Manufacturing hardware like a 3D printer, jewelry makers now have it a bit easier. Back in the day, it would take a long time to finish a single piece of jewelry like a ring. The designer would start sketching or drawing the design of the ring and jewelers would then carve it out of wax. The wax is what they turn into a mold. Once the ring is removed from the mold, it turns

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13 Aug: Monero, other privacy coins lag behind in usage; Bitcoin still king on darknet, claims CipherTrace report

As cryptocurrencies get mainstream attention in the financial ecosystem, every user and business has set out to identify and curb the predicaments associated with their increasing use. Although efforts towards reducing crypto-crimes are being undertake…